Hi, Have you met Marty?

“Let Marty show you how Modality Apps can help you and your business.”

What we do

“We specialize in creating custom mobile applications to streamline business processes and workflow. In an age where each of your employees carries a computer in their pocket why not take advantage of it? We believe we have only touched the tip of the ice-berg of potential for using mobile applications to dramatically increase business productivity and efficiency. We consult with our clients to tailor-make apps to fit their requirements perfectly by using the latest technology available.”


Come and meet with us. Together we can brainstorm the various possible solutions that may be available to you and you can immediately get a realistic gauge of the potential benefits for your business.


We take the time to fully understand our clients’ industries and businesses so that we can help them take full advantage of the latest technologies available.


Within a week we produce a working prototype of the app to allow us to further refine the solution with our clients.

Where to from here?


When necessary we collaborate with other software developers to integrate your app with existing software used in the industry to ensure it is entirely relevant to industry.


With ongoing communication we develop and deliver our clients a complete working and elegantly packaged mobile application that is immediately implementable and industry ready.


After completion of the app continued support is offered and we continue to keep the app up to date with the best possible solution for the time. We realise that industries and technologies are continually evolving and your app must evolve along with it.